Laura Entwined


Laura Entwined is a Queensland-born, Melbourne-based, belly dance, pilates and yoga teacher with 15-20years experience.

Laura has been studying the art of belly dance for more than 18 years, been performing since 2006 and has been teaching successful weekly classes in Melbourne since 2013. She currently teaches bellydance and fusion bellydance classes in Brunswick and Bundoora. Laura has graced the stages of some of Australia’s biggest music and lifestyle festivals, and also performed in NZ, Indonesia and the USA, and supported some of the biggest names in belly dance.

Laura has been practicing yoga for 20years as a well-being, health and cross-training tool for dance, and recently became a certified yoga teacher to bring the gifts of the practice to a wider audience. Laura is passionate about sharing the art and techniques of bellydance and yoga, and feels the power of these practices to unlock the chakras/energy centres of the body to release emotions and build confidence, personal power, grace, flow, flexibility, strength and stamina.

She recognises that dance and yoga allows us to access a meditative flow mind state (aka “moksha” or “tarab” in Sanskrit and Arabic), beyond the mental body, and helps us to access our bliss body and tap into the higher source or consciousness and joy.


Entwined offers: