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training, wellbeing, fitness and development programs in bellydance, pilates and yoga

Our Classes

Entwined runs classes Monday to Thursday evenings online and/or in person, where all levels are welcome. We also offer privates and personalised programs for those who are unable to attend live / evening classes. These can be accessed most weekdays/afternoons and and anytime Saturday and Sunday.

For more information on classes, privates or getting started, please visit Entwined Bellydance and Entwined Yoga.

Our Teachers

Laura Entwined has been studying yoga and bellydance for the past 15-20 years, with more than 45 teachers world-wide. She has completed numerous courses and holds certifications in Bellydance, Dance Therapeutics, Pilates and Yoga. She is passionate about sharing the transformational benefits of these practices with students of diverse cultures and backgrounds.


Est in 2009, Entwined Bellydance & Yoga delivers holistic dance, pilates and yoga programs.

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